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  • Pack a few Romantic Touches, if you are there for your Honeymoon (sachets, scented travel candles or maybe a small pot of caviar, his favorite candy bar, or a disc player with your favorite songs.
  • Pack Shoes in the Bottom and fill them with small items.
  • Roll daytime clothes when you can. Pack dressy outfits in plastic bags from the dry cleaner to keep them wrinkle-free.
  • Layer everything. Put Crushable Items, such as workout clothes, on the bottom and the most fragile ones on top.
  • Fold carefully. Turn jacket sleeves inside out. Place sweaters, socks, tee shirts and smaller items between shoes. Sweaters / Winter Clothes may not be required in Andaman & Nicobar Islands as the temperature here never falls that low. The Min temperature here is approx. 26 degrees and the Max. can be called at 34 degrees.
  • Pack all Liquids in plastic bags. Put travel sized cosmetics in plastic bags in your carryon
  • Pack sunglasses, medicines, your bathing suit and cover-up and one change of clothes in your Carryon.
  • Carry Enough Under Garments to cover your entire trip, many a time you will find a cost of laundry to be equivalent to a cost of these items.
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